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  • “Laurin has encouraged me to go outside of my comfort zone with my diet and training and it has resulted in a repaired relationship with food, a body that is properly fueled and functioning, and a passion for others to love themselves “through thick and thin.”

    – Olivia Polk

  • “Laurin wanted me to remain flexible in all aspects including different training methods as well. She is always positive even with constructive feedback. Since she is a competitor herself, she understands the demands and the stress. She has helped me overcome my own personal struggles with food and the post competition blues.”

    – Stephanie Bernau

  • “After my meet, I started the Bikini Intermediate program, one of the one-time purchase programs. I was pleasantly surprised at how much detail was put into it. I wanted to incorporate more compound lifts into my routine, but I was not sure where to begin. The program took all of the guesswork out it for me!”

    – Megan Shea

  • “Laurin is understanding, flexible, super funny, and also gives me the push right where I need it to ensure I hit my goals. As crazy as it sounds, I even look forward to my check-ins with her! She is so encouraging and makes every part of the process enjoyable and exciting.”

    • Noor Schepers

  • “In June of 2016, I reached out to Laurin and I knew from the start that she checked out in my top 3 areas and that I would be getting much more than “just a coach”. I loved her outlook on the sport and the fact that she used a science based approach in her coaching.” 

    – Jenna Potter

  • “Laurin truly cares about her clients both physically and mentally. Working with Laurin, I have had a noticeable change in body composition, I feel properly fueled not only for my workouts but for tackling everyday life, and mentally I feel empowered to make decisions that support my health and goals.”

    – Sarah Alley

  • “Laurin takes her position as a coach seriously, and is quick to respond to updates and questions. Laurin is also constantly producing quality content to share scientific information, and basically anything fitness and health related. I have loved working with Laurin these last four months, and I can’t wait to see what we are able to do together in 2018!”

    – Ashley Lappin

  • “I reached out to Laurin in February of 2017 looking for a coach that followed flexible dieting, who believed in the power of strength and integrating compound lifts into her prep programs, and had her own knowledge— both applied and learned— to help me embark on this journey in the most effective way possible.” 

    – Sam Rothermel

  • “Laurin is relatable, knowledgeable and someone I look up to. She holds me accountable, challenges me, and provides knowledge that keeps me learning on a daily basis (if you haven’t already, check out her YouTube). I am forever grateful that I came across her content and that she took me on as her client.”

    – Lauren D’Errico

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