Meet the Team

Laurin Conlin, Owner and Head Coach

Laurin is an IFBB Pro Bikini competitor and the owner of Team LoCoFit. She earned her B.S. from Florida State University and her M.S. from the University of South Florida, both in Exercise Science. She continues to serve as a research assistant to Dr. Bill Campbell’s Physique Enhancement lab at USF.

She started Team LoCoFit to help clients achieve competitive success while focusing on their long-term health interest through a scientific, evidence-based approach. The teams coaching style has evolved to include not only scientific clarity, but also strategic coaching methods that give each client the tools they need to succeed and the individual attention they deserve.

Laurin has worked through the struggles of eating disorders, years of competing as a physique athlete and managing her health while continuing to learn more and educate clients through the process.

She lectures internationally on topics including nutrition, training, the psychological aspects of dieting and fitness entrepreneurship and hosts the Team LoCoFit Roundtable with the other coaches.

Karina Noboa, Assistant Coach

Karina earned her Bachelors in General Biology from the University of South Florida and is currently pursuing her Masters in Exercise Science at USF with Dr. Bill Campbell. She is a research assistant in both the Performance and Physique Enhancement lab and the Molecular Pharmacology and physiology lab at USF Health. Karina has been published as a co-author on several Sports and Exercise Science research studies at USF and has also published articles on optimizing your health for both physique enhancement and overall quality of health.

She has 8 years of experience in the fitness industry from competing to coaching and working for companies whose goal is to help both the general population and competitors alike achieve their best physique yet. Karina has been through her own struggles as an athlete with binge eating, competing and learning how to manage her health. Because of these struggles, she understands how to balance the rigors of what it takes to be successful with the importance putting long term goals first.

Karina helps clients achieve their best, both physically and mentally, while never compromising current or future quality of life in the process.

Samantha Hall, Assistant Coach

Sam earned her B.S. in Education from the University of Northern Iowa and her M.S. in Exercise Science and Sports Nutrition from Concordia University. Sam has 9 years in the industry and multiple certifications including ACE Certified Personal Trainer and Health Coach, PN1, and is undergoing a Pre- and Post-Natal Coach certification. She also worked as a head coach for Orangetheory Fitness for five years.

Sam began working with Laurin in 2017 to reverse diet and get to a better place, metabolically and mentally. Through three years of working together, Sam and Laurin have completed successful reverse diets, lifestyle diets, and Sam’s first competition season where she become a NPC national qualified competitor. This experience solidified her love for the physique sport world and the role of coaching.

From coaching, Sam gained self-confidence, a healthy relationship with food and exercise, and wanted to do the same for other women.

Sam’s passion lies in helping women improve their long term relationship with food and their bodies while achieving the success they’ve always wanted.

Danielle Aguilar, Assistant Coach

Danielle is a mom of two based out of Dallas, Texas. She has her degree in Exercise Science from the University of South Florida in Dr. Bill Campbell’s lab. She has been published as a co-author on several Sports and Exercise Science research studies at USF and completed her Master’s research on the science of refeeds.

Danielle has 5 years of experience coaching in the fitness industry working for companies whose goal is to help both the general population and competitors achieve their best physique yet. Growing up as a competitive swimmer, Danielle has always been involved in health and fitness, but her diagnosis with cancer really pushed her to become more aware of just how much living a healthy lifestyle can impact your well-being.

Danielle’s passion is to bring a more sustainable approach to fitness and help both men and women achieve the physique of their dreams while not giving up the things they love most!

Hannah Hardy, Assistant Coach

Hannah is a Doctor of Chiropractic and CrossFit coach and athlete. She made it to the CrossFit Games in 2021 as an athlete and as a coach in 2017 and 2022. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Education in Kinesiology from the University of Virginia and her Doctor of Chiropractic degree from National University of Health Sciences – Florida. At the University of Virginia, she was a part of the Student Volunteer Athletic Training program assisting the athletic training and sports nutrition staff in all sports, with a focus in football and track and field.

She has seven years of experience coaching CrossFit, earning her Level 3 CrossFit Coaching certification in 2022, which few CrossFit trainers have earned. She has completed the Precision Nutrition Level One Nutrition Coaching course and has extensive knowledge in nutrition, training, and injury rehabilitation from both her formal education, clinical and training experience.

She understands the physical and psychological implications of nutrition and training coaching through her own experiences with eating disorders before discovering CrossFit. This experience has allowed her to convey a unique perspective to athletes and patients on nutrition, training, and recovery. It’s the driver of hers to learn more to provide the best processes possible for clients to achieve their goals.

Hannah’s mission is to equip clients with the tools they need to achieve their goals and build a higher level of self-belief and ownership of their lives.

Ryan Conley, Training Director

While Ryan has his Bachelors in Criminology, he has immersed himself in exercise science, sport and performance world through high levels of self-education. Ryan gained certification as a personal trainer from the ISSA at 19 years old. He has read, listened and attended seminars from top professionals in the space for years. His extensive background knowledge is only one part of being director of training for Team LoCoFit; his desire to help clients move and perform to their best ability is his greatest strength.

His first interests came from combat sports like wrestling and MMA before his passion turned to weightlifting. He found powerlifting and has been a competitive lifter since 2010, with elite totals in two different weight classes. He has overcome many setbacks and injuries over the course of his career which now allow him to better serve our athletes on their own personal journey to better themselves and bypass many of the errors he once made.

Ryan is a professional fire fighter, a Reflexive Performance Reset (RPR) Level 2 specialist and writes Body Blueprint, our monthly subscription training program.