Training Programs

These training programs were designed to be the first programs that Team LoCoFit clients use to get started or an affordable alternative to hiring a coach for customized programming. Our goal was to provide an affordable option while still delivering you a high quality training program that will help you reach your next physique goals. This is a one-time purchase, meaning there are no updates included in these programs. However, you will find each program is fully detailed and properly periodized to maximize your success!

All programs are 10 weeks in length and utilize compound lifts as the foundation of each program. You must be comfortable with this type of training if you are looking to purchase these programs! We recommend starting with one of the Novice programs, Bikini or Figure respectively depending on your goals, and then progressing to one of the Intermediate programs.

Training Programs: Bikini Novice

Training Programs: Bikini Intermediate

Training Programs: Bikini Advanced

Training Programs: Figure Novice

Training Programs: Figure Intermediate