The Foundations of Food Education


Format: PDF

Length: 70 Pages


Do you want to feel more confident with your physique? Maybe you’d like to build more muscle or finally keep off that weight you’ve worked so hard to lose? Regardless of your goal, we all want to have simple and direct tools to help keep our diet and physique in check. So what is stopping you? Most likely, it’s knowing where to start. We promise, you are not alone. The single biggest hurdle we’ve seen with our clients making the progress they desire is simply not knowing where to begin. That is why we created the Foundations of Food Education.

This book provides you with the foundation that you need to create the relationship with food you’ve always wanted and the physique to match.

In this book we cover the foundational habits you need to develop to start, how to track macros and a macro “cheat sheet” to help you with variety. We also compiled a grocery list to take out the confusion of shopping and dive into topics like hydration, meal timing and supplements. Finally, we’ve created 5 different meal templates for all different calorie and macronutrient ranges so that you can easily put together a quality diet for yourself.

We are happy to present to you what we feel, through years of education and experience, are the most practical pieces of information to build your foundation of knowledge surrounding food education.

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