Lauren D’Errico

I came across Laurin during my search for a nutrition/training coach to help me reverse diet my way back to a healthy metabolism, and eventually lead me through my next NPC bikini prep. It took about 30 seconds for me to know Laurin was going to be my coach and to this day I could not be happier with my decision to work with this amazing woman. Not only does Laurin have all of the impressive education credentials, but also she is a genuine, down to earth woman who sincerely cares about each and every one of her clients. Her attention to detail, prompt response time, upbeat personality, and continued desire to learn make her the entire package.

After our first reverse diet, Laurin took me through a prep, which ultimately led to me taking the Overall title at The Nicole Wilkins Classic. We are currently working through our second reverse diet together and I could not be more grateful for her help and support.

Laurin is relatable, knowledgeable and someone I look up to. She holds me accountable, challenges me, and provides knowledge that keeps me learning on a daily basis (if you haven’t already, check out her YouTube). I am forever grateful that I came across her content and that she took me on as her client.

Sam Rothermel

I reached out to Laurin in February of 2017 looking for a coach that followed flexible dieting, who believed in the power of strength and integrating compound lifts into her prep programs, and had her own knowledge— both applied and learned— to help me embark on this journey in the most effective way possible.

She responded to my client questionnaire within six hours with a course of action to help me achieve my goals; I wanted to step on the NPC stage for the first time and come out with a national qualification. I was aware that this process would most likely take months and multiple shows. With Laurin in my corner, we achieved this on my very first attempt.

In the past nine months, Laurin has been essential to helping me reframe the way in which I view the sport of bodybuilding by introducing the following:

  1. A proper reverse diet and off season are essential for the longevity of a prep or dieting phase, your hormonal and muscular health, and overall mental wellbeing.
  2. Intraworkout carbs and sodium allow me to maintain training intensity and sustain endurance in my workouts.
  3. Consecutive refeed days keep my metabolism regulated and hunger at bay.
  4. A well structured training plan for each day helps carried over to more efficient planning in my everyday life.

In short, Laurin has helped me redefine my relationship with body, guided me towards a balanced lifestyle, and enabled me to feel like an athlete again. And for that, I will be forever grateful.

Ashley Lappin

After taking a two year hiatus from competing, I got the itch to step on stage again this summer. Earlier in the spring I had dieted myself down for my wedding, but my calories were nowhere near an appropriate place to begin a contest prep. I reached out to Laurin and explained my desires to step back on stage in 2018. Laurin advised me to do a reverse first, and then a mini cut prior to reversing again before prep in 2018. As we gradually increased my intake and reduced my cardio, my body responded very well, and I actually lost some fat! We decided the mini cut wasn’t necessary, and have continued reversing for the last sixteen weeks.

My overall body composition has changed for the better, but even more importantly I have embraced Laurin’s idea of structured flexibility. This idea has helped my mentality and relationship with food in so many ways! For the first time in years I was able to travel this summer without any restrictions, or unnecessary weight fluctuations. Consistency over perfection is what I have learned most from my experience so far with Laurin. I have been a flexible dieter for a long time, but was never truly flexible when it came to tracking my macros. Laurin has taught me that it is ok to estimate foods, and still track them, even if it isn’t perfect.  This has made events and family functions much more enjoyable, as I am finally free to partake in the meals without going totally overboard. I also enjoy choosing my own food sources, nutrient timing, and meal splits. This is ideal as a busy fourth grade teacher who has very little break times during the day.

Laurin takes her position as a coach seriously, and is quick to respond to updates and questions. She gives detailed explanations to any inquiries I have, as well as her recommendations for food sources and supplements. Laurin is also constantly producing quality content to share scientific information, and basically anything fitness and health related. I have loved working with Laurin these last four months, and I can’t wait to see what we are able to do together in 2018!

Sarah Alley

I initially started working with Laurin to help with lifestyle nutrition and training leading up to my wedding. It has clearly been a great fit as I have been working with her for almost a year now! Laurin has a breadth of experience in the industry academically, professionally, and personally. As a competitor, she understands the complexity of dieting and the struggles that many people face regarding weird dieting tendencies and body image issues. Academically, her research experience and expertise in the field are evident in the way that she is continually evaluating research to promote success across all seasons of life for her clients.

As a coach, she always provides timely, personalized, and honest feedback. She has transformed my relationship with food and her flexible approach helped make it possible for me to enjoy all events leading up to my wedding while still making progress. My training blocks have been put together with my personal experience, goals, and injuries or limitations in mind. The sessions are always challenging yet the progression has left me always looking forward to what’s next.

Laurin truly cares about her clients both physically and mentally. Working with Laurin, I have had a noticeable change in body composition, I feel properly fueled not only for my workouts but for tackling everyday life, and mentally I feel empowered to make decisions that support my health and goals. Thank you, Laurin, for setting me up to succeed. I look forward to tackling my next set of goals with you in my corner!

Jenna Potter

I had taken a 3 year break from the stage when I finally got the itch to compete again. I knew if I wanted to take my physique to the next level I would need to find a quality coach to help me get there. I was looking for mainly 3 things in a coach: a coach who offered flexible dieting guidance, a female, and a coach who truly cared about my health and well-being. Immediately, Laurin came to mind since I had been following her journey for years and admired her approach.

In June of 2016, I reached out to Laurin and I knew from the start that she checked out in my top 3 areas and that I would be getting much more than “just a coach”. I loved her outlook on the sport and the fact that she used a science based approach in her coaching. She helped me set goals and allowed me to restore a once very damaged relationship with food and the gym.

One of my favorite things about having Laurin as a coach is her attention to detail. She covers every little detail from reverse dieting, to contest prep, to stage presence with each client and it has made a world of difference for me this year. I also love that she truly cares about every one of her clients. Her ability to educate her clients while keeping expectations realistic is amazing and I truly appreciate her passion for helping others. I can’t put into words how thankful I am to have her by my side in my journey to my Pro Card and I would recommend her as a coach to anyone looking to achieve their fitness goals!

Noor Schepers

I first came to Laurin trying to cut weight to make my weight class for a weightlifting meet. She made that process as smooth as can be and I later came back to her as a “lifestyle” client after falling off the wagon and needing more structure and guidance. I previously had a history of struggling with the “restrict and binge” cycle and working with Laurin has completely altered my mindset of what it means to be a lifestyle client and to be flexible with myself.

She is understanding, flexible, super funny, and also gives me the push right where I need it to ensure I hit my goals. As crazy as it sounds, I even look forward to my check-ins with her! She is so encouraging and makes every part of the process enjoyable and exciting.

Olivia Polk

In March of 2015, I started my first prep for an NPC Bikini Competition under the provision of an unqualified, self-proclaimed “coach.” During this 8+ month long prep, I was on the typical “cookie cutter” diet – low calorie and extensive amounts of HIIT training and cardio with no regard to my mental or physical state. I had followed Laurin Conlin’s journey competing, and felt drawn to her outlook and science based protocols. At the point when I knew my competition prep had become extremely unhealthy, I reached out to her for possible coaching post-show.

Laurin and I began working together in November of 2015. Prior to Laurin, I relied on binging and restricting my intake to achieve my desired body composition. Our short-term goals were to repair my metabolism through a reverse diet and steady reduction in cardio. Our long-term goals were to repair my relationship with food so that I would be able to enjoy all aspects of life (holidays, special occasions, etc.) but still reach my desired goals.

Aside from having the knowledge necessary to administer safe and effective individualized programs, she has the best intentions for every client. Laurin does not only respond to weekly updates, but she uses them as a tool to educate her clients. She keeps her clients grounded with realistic expectations, and would never recommend something that she is not doing or has not done before. Laurin has encouraged me to go outside of my comfort zone with my diet and training and it has resulted in a repaired relationship with food, a body that is properly fueled and functioning, and a passion for others to love themselves “through thick and thin.” I could never stress enough how much of a life-changing experience it has been (and still is) to have her by my side.

Stephanie Bernau

Before coming to Laurin I had been doing my own competition preps for two years. These preps consisted of following a very low carb diet which resulted in a bad relationship with food. I had battled my own struggles with food prior to this and knew that there had to be a better option. I contacted Laurin after admiring her flexible dieting strategies and also her transparency with others in her own struggles.

With Laurin’s help, we decided that I was in a good place to start another bikini competition. The check-in process was straight forward with specific questions. With each check-in, there was a response within 24 hours.

The lifting regimen helped me focus on growth while being fun. It included specific lifts along with exercises of my choice. Even the cardio was specifically tailored.

Along with the prep, we also did Skype posing sessions. This was a great way to interact with Laurin and for her to see how I would be presenting myself on stage. She tailored my poses for my body type which showed my best self. This gave me the most confidence on stage that I ever had!

Reverse dieting with Laurin as a coach went just as amazing as prep. She again got my input of what I like, i.e. carbs vs fats, and tailored it for me. She pushed me to try new things unrelated to fitness or food. She taught me to love all aspects of the journey. She helped with my mental well-being along with physical health.

Laurin’s approach to dieting and reverse dieting is unique. I was able to trust Laurin’s dieting approach which has shown awesome results! Laurin wanted me to remain flexible in all aspects including different training methods as well. She is always positive even with constructive feedback. Since she is a competitor herself, she understands the demands and the stress. She has helped me overcome my own personal struggles with food and the post competition blues. With Laurin’s positive and encouraging coaching abilities, I was able to push through hard times.

Laurin is supportive, uplifting, and pushes you just enough out of your comfort zone to grow. Not only does she give guidance, but also takes the time to teach which is an important aspect for long term health. She is very responsive to your needs as a client. I would recommend Laurin as a fitness coach to any one looking to win.

Megan Shea

After hearing stories of other online coaching programs, I was only expecting to receive impersonalized diet changes and automated short replies. When I first started working with Laurin, I quickly realized this was not the case. She replied to every check-in thoroughly and very promptly. She gave me positive feedback, answered all of my questions, and assured me that I was on the right track. She also helped me plan short and long-term goals. She understands life gets in the way of training and dieting sometimes and always provided guidance to get myself back on track. This was especially true while I was approaching the holidays and celebrations with food. Her advice always came through when I needed it, especially during my first powerlifting meet.

Naturally, I was stressed about my first meet. She went above and beyond to make sure I understood my training and diet in the upcoming days to the competition. I am very thankful she was able to attend and give me the extra push I needed.

After my meet, I started the Bikini Intermediate program, one of the one-time purchase programs. I was pleasantly surprised at how much detail was put into it. I wanted to incorporate more compound lifts into my routine, but I was not sure where to begin. The program took all of the guesswork out it for me! Each day involves a different main lift (squats, deadlifts, and overhead presses or bench) with a fixed amount of sets and reps based upon my 1RM. Following each of the main lifts, there is a wide variety of example accessory work to choose from. As the programmed progressed, so did my strength.

Overall, Laurin Conlin is an amazing coach that listens and takes your daily life into consideration. I am extremely grateful for the amount of guidance and advice that I have received from her. She not only helped guide my physical health but also my mental health. By the way, she also has some pretty awesome shirts! The design, style, and quality of LoCoFit Tees are top notch.

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