We coach a diverse group of clients, all with different background and different goals. The thread that unites them all is that they desire real, impactful change. We understand what it takes to be successful and how to tailor programs to fit our clients unique, individual needs. Whether you’re a busy mom, a working professional or a seasoned athlete, we identify what areas need the most work and tackle those changes together.


Competitive physique and performance athletes
Whether it’s your first time competing or you’re a seasoned veteran, we coach our athletes to maximize their competitive careers while also maintaining their health as a priority.

Lifestyle and transformation clients
We’ve coached hundreds of clients to healthier body comps and an improved relationship with food. We give our clients the education they need to maintain their results for life.

Post competition and food flexibility cases
Having true food flexibility is rare and the diet industry often doesn’t provide any real results, and actually creates problems. We work through many cases, whether in a post competition setting or otherwise, to provide clients with the tools they need to finally create a healthy and sustainable relationship with food.

I am so lucky to have a coach that really cares and I couldn’t imagine being on any other team!
– Rachel Margolis

Laurin and the teams approach to education, empowerment and coaching is the perfect mix for anyone seeking to find their balance and invest in their health. I know I won’t ever be 225 pounds again because I have the foundation to live a successful, healthy life thanks to Team LoCoFit.
–Laura Elliot


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